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How Important is Search to Walmart Shoppers?

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder partnered with Field Agent to conduct an anonymous survey of online shoppers to find out  their Walmart-specific shopping preferences and how things like search and pricing plays into their decision making process.

Download our Walmart Shopper Behavior Breakdown to see exclusive Walmart insights covering:  

Where shoppers start their online shopping journey

How many shoppers use the search function first

The differences & similarities between shopping on the website or app  

SKU Ninja's Blue Belt Subscription: Win Search

Boost Your Search Rank & Visibility on

In the world of Walmart ecommerce, your item’s search position can make or break success.
SKU Ninja gives you the tools you need to monitor your item’s rank, benchmark yourself against competitors, and gives you actionable insights to create an SEO strategy that helps you boost search rank and visibility.


Shoot to the Top of Search

Target the Right Keywords

Identify Competitors & Sponsored Items

Track Your Search Rank

SKU Ninja’s Win Search subscription helps you find and target the most valuable keywords and search terms specifically for Walmart. Use this list of keywords with the highest search volume to reach more Walmart shoppers.

SKU Ninja provides valuable insights on what competitors are most visible to shoppers on and informs you when others are using paid advertisements to appear in 

top positions.

SKU Ninja gives you a comprehensive understanding of the search results that are most relevant to your Walmart items. Monitor your item’s visibility over time to find strategies for success.

SKU Ninja's Newest Tool!

Introducing Our Newest Tool: Share of Voice

Track the visibility of brands on

SKU Ninja’s Share of Voice tool is a 20,000ft view of search performance by category. By analyzing every position in the search grid, this new tool presents the most visible brands in your category in an easily digestible way. See how much category share you have and see how it shifts over time, then find opportunities for specific item-keyword combinations where you can win and grow your visibility on Walmart.

Exclusive Walmart Insights from your SKU Ninja Dashboard


Win Search Subscription FAQs

Are the keywords specific to Walmart?

Yes, our keywords are based on shopper search volume on and relevance to your product type.

Can you see who is paying for keywords?

Yes, SKU Ninja’s Share of Voice and Search Snapshot tools tell you when a search position is taken by a Sponsored advertisement through Walmart Connect.

When is the search data pulled?

SKU Ninja scans all of daily to provide accurate Walmart insights to our users.

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