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Optimize Walmart Ad Campaigns. Like Magic! 

Maximize your ad spend with Walmart Connect (WMG) by "magically" targeting the ideal keywords for your items.

Export campaigns to use through Walmart's new self-serve advertising on AND Online Pickup & Delivery!

Grow your business on Walmart by using AI-generated campaigns optimized for & OPD.

Your Magical Tool for Walmart Ad Optimization.

Made for Walmart Connect

AI-Generated Campaigns

Summon the Wizard

(Formerly Walmart Media Group)

Campaign Wizard is built to create campaigns optimized for Walmart’s unique ecommerce environment.

Campaign Wizard analyzes 20+ factors using artificial intelligence to ensure items gain valuable search positions.

Conjure a campaign for all of your items on or Online Pickup & Delivery with the click of a button.

Competitive History

See Your Max Search Rank

Campaign Export

Campaign Wizard considers a keyword’s bid history to ensure targeted keywords are competitively viable.

See the top rank your item can earn through paid search for a keyword based on its competitive landscape.

Export your optimized campaigns in a format you can upload into self-serve ad programs Pacvue or Flywheel.

We're Walmart Experts.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is an official Walmart Connected Content Partner with years of experience helping brands win on Walmart.

We created Campaign Wizard's ad optimization software as an AI embodiment of the Walmart ad experts on our Ad Sensei team.

Campaign Wizard uses our deep knowledge of Walmart search to create campaigns that will perform on and Online Pickup & Delivery.

Create Ad Campaigns Optimized for Walmart Connect

With the Push of a Button!


Maximize your Ad Spend with Campaign Wizard

Export and run your optimized campaigns and see your ROAS improve.

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